Titan Magic Contract for Entertainment Services

Titan Magic
518 N. Daleville Ave.
Daleville, Al.  36322
(334) 494 5996
PLEASE note the following contract is only valid after Deposit is paid.
This is a binding contract for services limited to DATES AND TIMES in Request
unless changed under the following agreements.

1) Titan Magic agrees to provide entertainment services or rentals as
requested by Booking info and Billing invoice.
2) Titan Magic agrees to provide additional services, limited to the specific
description provided below as Required per additional fees.
3) Titan Magic agrees to provide services or Rentals only on the designated dates 
and for the specified period of time.  Any additional time, service, or rental
is charged extra if availble and agreeable by TitanMagic.
4) Titan Magic agrees to arrive at a time appropriate for any required set-up
at no additional charge to the client.
5) Titan Magic reserves the right to suspend set-up and performance activities
if they deems for any reason, that the circumstances are not suitable for
the quality and, security of the show props and/or Rentals.
6) The client agrees to pay 50% of total due to reserve any entertainment or Rental
 over $250 by credit card.
Client agrees to pay remaining balance 72 hours before event date by credit card or
reservation will be considered Cancled unless other arrangments are agreed. 
Copy of drivers license and credit card must remain on file while in clients
possession.  If booking less than 72 hours from event, client must pay in full
at time of booking.
7) The client agrees to provide TitanMagic adequate time on location of the
performance for setting up props and materials for the show or Rental
 (normal setup time 30 min) for small shows or Rentals
(2hr for med shows)(4 hrs for large shows) unless otherwise noted.
8) The client agrees to pay 50% of the show and service if canceled less than 24
hours (Not negotiable) deposit goes In this Sum of 50%
9) The client agrees to pay travel expenses $1 per mile one way to location
or any additional Travel required not stated in Billing.
10) The client agrees any performance or Rental extending into additional 1/2 hour or
 day past billing agreement and charged to Card on file unless Paid in cash.
11) The client agrees to forfeit deposit if Booking or Reservation is canceled by client
less than 72 hrs notice and applied to the 50% of BALANCE of total bill
if less than 24 hours notice.(Not negotiable)
12) There is a $25 cancelation fee of any entertainment, rental, or reservation.
      NON Negotiable.
 13) Any last minute bookings less than 48 hrs notice or bookings on the week
of a holiday will be charged a 25% premium fee in addition to the standard booking fees.
14) ALL MEDIA taken by Titan Magic will be considered useable unless otherwise noted
 or requested for Exemptions.
15) Any refunds on Rentals or Invoices will be Paid via Paypal or Cash
      Please allow 48 hrs for refund.
16) Titan Magic is not Responsible for Miscommunations of Third Party Services or Agents.
17) Client agrees by Paying Invoice or Exchange of Monies this Contract is Legal and Binding.
18) Client agrees if Litagation or legal issues arise from any Events or Rentals requiring Court
      or meetings they will be Held at Dale county Courthouse and all info pertaining
      to legal issue sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Please contact Titan Magic for any Questions or Concerns before Agreeing to this Contract.
 thanks We look Forward to Providing the Best Party Ever!
Have any questions? Call us at (334) 494-5996 or Click Here to Contact Us!