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Come check out our MAGIC shop and PARTY RENTAL store located at 518 N Daleville Ave. in Daleville Al!  Not only are we a full service magic shop, but you can come pick up your party rentals, balloons, have custom T-shirts, mugs, and banners made right here!  We also have a GROSS CANDY SHOP!  We are open Monday 10am-7pm, CLOSED on Tuesday and Wednesday, OPEN Thursday - Sunday 10am-7pm.  Some Saturdays we may be closed for events, so check out our Facebook page for info.  Monday nights from 5pm-7:45pm, we have our Linking Ring Club.  This club is for kids and adults who are interested in magic.  The members get to learn tricks, the history of magic, meet new people and have LOTS OF FUN!  They also get to learn stilt walking and balloon twisting, and what goes on behind the scenes of a magic show.  Ages 5-9 meet at 5pm, ages 10-14 meet at 6:00pm, and at 7pm, 15 and older.  IT IS TOTAL FREE TO JOIN!!


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                         Come by and see us!

             Just look for the BIG BLUE FLAGS!

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