Stilt Walkers



Stilts are used widely in many countries for the purpose of entertainment. Stilt walkers perform their skills in parades, festivals, street events and at corporate functions.

Early stilt walking acts were mostly of the style of a very tall person with the costume having long trousers or skirt to cover the stilts. More recently stilt walkers have created a wide variety of costumes that do not resemble a tall person. Examples are flowers and animals. The tall person type has also expanded to include a wide variety of themes. Examples include sportsmen, historical acts and acts based on literary or film characters.



Our STILT WALKERS walk around entertaining the crowds and twisting balloon creations for the kids.  They might even do a pocket trick or two!

We are always finding SOMETHING NEW to show off our talents! 

We would be happy to provide entertainment for your next event.  $100 per hour, 2 hour minimum.

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