Booty Battle    ( ESCAPE ROOM)
Booty Battle    ( ESCAPE ROOM)

Booty Battle ( ESCAPE ROOM)

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  While on a Cruise Ship in International waters it had to Dock on a Small Island for Repairs. The Captain was very Hesitant to Let Passengers off the Boat and onto the Strange Island. While Wasting Time and Exploring, your Group Stumbles across a Old Pirate Tent Camp and From the looks of it they Died of unknown Cause. Wait!

Is that a Map? The Treasure Is Close, first to Find it Keeps it ( Maritime Law) but better Hurry the ship Leaves in 60 mins.

This is a 45-60 min Game. This Game has 2 duplicate Rooms that can hold up to 6  players ea.  This Can be Played Head to Head or Stand alone. These Rooms can Be Made Private For 12 Slot Purchase.   PLEASE ARRIVE 30 minutes prior to your booked time for check in and briefing.  

THIS IS A PLAY TILL YOU FINISH or Another Team Wins!  

Others are in Another Tent Looking for it too! Time for a Booty Battle. All is fair when you Want that Booty.

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