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Tooter's Little Fart Prank - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms
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Tooter's Little Fart Prank

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The cost of replacing underpants (to say nothing of office chairs, dining room seat cushions and your car seat) can add up over time, so stop ruining every surface where your flatulent fanny rests with these Tooter's Little Fart Mighty  joke . They probably won't stop you from semi-soiling yourself, or even from clearing every room, but at least these novelty joke pills make it seem like you're in on the joke about how crappy your crap-fumes really are. I mean, we're talking peel the paint off a surplus Soviet submarine, here. We don't even know you, other than by reputation- or should we have said re-poot-tation? No, we shouldn't, but the gas from your ass has us light-headed. Seriously, your broken wind is on the FBI's most wanted list, your ass is wanted in the Hague for crimes against humanity, and I'm pretty sure if you cut the cheese into a jar and tried to cross the border you'd be arrested for smuggling a weapon of ass destruction. We could seriously do this all night. Do you really want that? Or did you come here to buy just the one fart joke?

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