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T shirts Printed (Sublimation Process White or Light Colors Only)

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Custom Printed T-shirts Can Be Made SO many Ways On So Many Types.

We print on Gildan  50/50 Dry Blend and Can Sublamate to Almost any White or Light Colored T-shirt. Colors on Darks are Not a Issue Just a Different Process.

So, what is sublimation? Well, simply put, sublimation is a process by which  sublimation dyes are printed onto a transfer medium with a specially prepared inkjet printer. Thereafter, those dyes are then transferred from the medium to an object or garment under the heat and pressure delivered by a commercial heat press. Sublimation only works on garments made of polyester, or on specialty objects made of polyester or given a polyester coating. When the heat and pressure are applied, the dye on the transfer medium sublimates, or becomes a gas, and is then absorbed into the polyester itself; the print is actually a part of the garment/coating. It doesn’t fade easily, wear, or have any texture or weight.

ALL PRICES INCLUDE ONE PRINT AREA  8.5 x 11 front, back or pocket.

ADD  1.00   for 11 x 17 Print Area ( XL and up if Required) 

ADD  $2.00  Chest or Sleeve 

ADD  $4.00  Front or Back  

ADD  $1.00  After Large.  Example  xxx is plus $3.00



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