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Got Questions? Call 334-494-5996
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Chance to Live (Online Escape Game)

Get amazing on-line escape room experience.
A fascinating escape game full of wow-factors which you can play without leaving your house with your friends.



  • As you enter the laboratory, you’ll be able to see the objects you can interact with.
  • Every object contains a training video and 1 or 2 riddles.
    There are 3 rooms in the laboratory.You will be able to get to Room 2 only after you solve all the puzzles from Room 1. The same goes for Room 3.
  • You should write down the answers exactly how it is required in the riddle.
  • Don’t try and google the answers. You will find all the clues in the videos or you could use your logic. If necessary, you can use the hints.


  • you will see the GREEN “HINT” button in each RIDDLE, once you press it you will use the first hint, but you will lose -50 points;
  • then a YELLOW button for HINT 2 will appear, if you press it you will use your 2nd HINT, but you will lose -200 points;
  • the last appeared button is RED – this is the final HINT which will show you all right answers for this RIDDLE, if you press you will lose -1000 points.

 However, we advise you not to take too many hints. If you can`t solve the riddle you can use the “ANSWER” button. Please be aware that the number of hints you use affects your completion rating.Thefactorsthatinfluenceyourratingare: thenumberofhintsyoutake, andtotal completion time.

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