Escape Daleville Scavenger Puzzle Hunt

Hello Welcome to The Amazingly Fun Escape Daleville Scavenger Hunt. 

What is It? And How Do We Play! 

First You will Need to Download the APP called Clue Keeper from your Smart Phone from Your APP Store or Google Play Store.

Look For Hunt Called Escape Daleville and Choose the Newest One they are numbered #1 #2 #3 ect.....  

Start the Challenge Before it's Expiration Time and Have Fun as a Team Finding and Solving the Puzzles. 

The Top 3 Teams with Fastest Times and Points Win Prizes from Sponsors like Free Dinner for 2, $50, $25 Gift Cards. Free Service or Products Ect.....

Winners will be shown on Leader Board on app and on Our FaceBook Page.  

The Prizes can Be Picked up at Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms anytime the following Sunday 2- 8pm after the Challenge is Over.   

F.A.Q  Section

Q: How Much Does it Cost?

A: Free or $5 Per Team of 1 to 4 Players based on sponsored games or self guided games.

Q: Why Do I have to Pay to Play?

A: The Clue Keeper Platform Charges a Per Game Fee for self guided games.  Some games may be hosted by sponsors who pay the fee.

Q. Can I share My Game with Teammates? 

A: Yes you Invite up to 3 others to Play and They can Also Use their Phones to Answer Questions. Remember its Only $5 per Team not Per Player. 

Q: Does it have to be Teams of 4?

A: No it can be 1 to 4. But remember the more Brains the Better! 

Q: When Does Each Game Start and End?

A: We will Make New Games Throughout the Year and Post On Facebook When it's Ready To Play or Check on your Cluekeeper App for Updates.

Q; How long do I have to complete the hunt?

A; You will have up to 8 days to complete all of the task in your hunt.

Q: Can I play The Older Hunts Too?

A: Yes.  You Will Not be Eligible for Prizes but can Still Win the Leaderboard and Show off How Smart you Are! 

Good Luck Teams And Happy Puzzle Hunting!    

Good Luck and Happy Hunting Teams.