Got Questions? Call 334-494-5996
Got Questions? Call 334-494-5996
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F.A.Q Brain Busters Escape Rooms


ARRIVE 15 mins Early Before Game Time! 

Q. What is a Escape Room? 

A. An Escape Room is a Cooperative Live action game with Friends,Family,Coworkers  or Other enthusiast to Win a Common Goal. You Solve Puzzles and Challenges to Win or Escape to your Freedom. Most Rooms are 60 mins Long. Average Group Size 2-6 people but some Rooms can accommodate Larger Groups like our Booty Battle can Play 15 players.  

Q. What If we Don't get Out in Time? 

A. Our Gamemasters are  here to Help you with Hints but If you Run out of time and show up on time 15 prior to Start time we Can Give a 5 min Bonus Time and after That, We Will Walk you Thru the Game If Requested. 

Q. Are we Locked in the Room?

A. NO! at no time will you not be able to Leave our Rooms or Facility. All our Rooms have Doors easy to open or a Release switch or Button to open them.

Q:  Do I Have to Book Online?

A: Yes. If you want a Guaranteed Room and Time!  But We Do Take Walkins but Just Like a Movie Theater, Rooms Start on Time and Have Limited Availability.

Q: What Must I do to Book online? 

A: Go to, Click on Brain Busters Tab Pick a Room and Time and Show up 15mins Early before Game Start Time.

Q: What If I'm Late?

A: We Start Every Booked Game On time.  If You're Late, you Have 2 Options. #1       a 1 time reschedule for later Game or Date.  # 2 Play with the remaining time left but remember the 10 min briefing will still Need to be Done. We will Do our Best to Get you in a Game that same Day.    

Q: What's the Age Limits for Rooms. 

A: All Children 8 and Under will Require 1 Adult per Room.  All Children Required to be in a Car Seat Will Also be Required to be in Carriers/Stroller/Sling, and the Group is required to book a Private Room. 

Q: Do you Offer Refunds?

A: No But We Do Offer a 1 time Reschedule or If Available shift to a Later Time or Room. 

Q: When Should I make a Reservation?

A: ASAP! Your Best Bet is to Book all the Players at one time and Pick Private Room So Others Not in your Group will not Take Remaining  Player Slots.  All Online Booking MUST Be done 1 hr Prior to Start Time. We do Take Walk ins But there is no Guarantee Of Room Availability or Private Experience.         

Walk ins May have additional Wait Time Till Gamemaster has Room Ready! 


Call 334 4945996  to Book a Room with less than 1 hr Notice or Book online 

 Leave VoiceMail of we Do not Answer We May be Assisting other Customers.