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1 Trick Pony - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms
Madhatter Magic

1 Trick Pony

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Four jacks are displayed.  The two reds are set aside.  A select card is placed between the two black jacks.  With a snap of your fingers it visual vanishes and is now found between the two reds.


A quick visual sandwich effect that doesn't require ANY sleight of hand.  A signed card is fairly returned to the middle of the deck.  Two jokers are placed on top and bottom of the cards and with a toss, the selected card is now trapped between the jokers.


A surprise revelation, card change, and printing effect all jammed into one routine.  The back of a card box changes halfway into the spectator's card.  You then print that half and half design onto another card entirely.  Can be done as an opening effect or in the middle of another routine.

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