Wizard Quest Escape Room

Wizard Quest Escape Room

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15 minute escape room for ages 5 and up.

MAX 4 people to play.  Can be played with just 1 player.

If they Can Read they can Succeed!  

A Bad Wizard has Done a Real Bad Thing and Found an Endangered Female Dragon with Newly Laid Eggs. He has Cast a Sleeping Spell and Stolen all 3 eggs.
You are a Newly hired group of Wizards to Find the Eggs and Return Them. The word on the Street is they have been Pawned in a Evil Store.
You will Need to Sneak inside, get the Eggs and Set things Right! You have 30 mins to Get it Done or when the Dragon Wakes up and Finds Her Beloved Eggs are Gone
She will Burn down the Town to find them. This is an Entry Level Game Made for new Players and Youth. Family Fun for all Ages.