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30 Tricks and Tips with Sleight of Hand

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Easy Sleight of Hand can now be yours in this step by step instructional DVD from one of the world's best. Eddy Ray performs core sleights, coin sleights, card sleights, and spongeball sleights. Core Sleights - Flipstick Move - French Drop - Using The French Drop - Palming A Card - Trick Using A Palmed Card - Eddy Ray's Table Sidechange - Adaptation Of Table Sidechange Coin Sleights - Palming Techniques (finger palm, classic palm, thumb palm, downs palm) - Vanish Techniques (toss vanish, take vanish, take vanish bonus) - Appearing Techniques (production from downs palm, thumb palm switch) Card Sleights - Palming Techniques (back palm, front palm) - Vanishing A Card Using Back Palm (toss vanish with back palm, pivot move) Spongeball Sleights - Palming Techniques (finger palm, thumb clip, back palm, classic palm) - Chink & Chink - Two In Hand One In Pocket - Card Through Handkerchief - Cards From Mouth

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