30 Tricks and Tips with Sleight of Hand
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30 Tricks and Tips with Sleight of Hand

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  • Easy Sleight of Hand can now be yours in this step by step instructional DVD from one of the world's best.
  • Eddy Ray performs core sleights, coin sleights, card sleights, and spongeball sleights.

Core Sleights
- Flipstick Move
- French Drop
- Using The French Drop
- Palming A Card
- Trick Using A Palmed Card
- Eddy Ray's Table Sidechange
- Adaptation Of Table Sidechange

Coin Sleights
- Palming Techniques (finger palm, classic palm, thumb palm, downs palm)
- Vanish Techniques (toss vanish, take vanish, take vanish bonus)
- Appearing Techniques (production from downs palm, thumb palm switch)

Card Sleights
- Palming Techniques (back palm, front palm)
- Vanishing A Card Using Back Palm (toss vanish with back palm, pivot move)

Spongeball Sleights
- Palming Techniques (finger palm, thumb clip, back palm, classic palm)
- Chink & Chink
- Two In Hand One In Pocket
- Card Through Handkerchief
- Cards From Mouth


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