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Berland's enchanted holder (used) - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms
Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms

Berland's enchanted holder (used)

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The performer enters, smoking a cigarette in an attractive cigarette holder. He takes a few puffs from the lighted cigarette. Suddenly, the burning cigarette and its holder are transformed into a beautiful silk handkerchief. This handkerchief is held at the extreme fingertips - hands being otherwise empty. The entire change, visible and instantaneous, happens in the twinkling of an eye. Nothing is palmed away. Nothing shoots up the sleeve or behind the coat. The entire effect is self-contained. The Abbott Magic Company acquired the manufacturing and distribution rights to this effect from Sam Berland, prior to his passing. Years of patient work have gone into its development. Yes, it is a real lighted cigarette - yet there is no danger to either the performer or the silk handkerchief. Pure enchantment! Deceptive simplicity! Berland?s "Enchanted Cigarette Holder"-back again and better than ever.

 Location: G1