Die of Destiny by Marc Desouza
Die of Destiny by Marc Desouza

Die of Destiny by Marc Desouza

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The cards are ribbon spread across the table and a spectator is asked to freely choose one. After it has been remebered it is returned to the deck.


A second spectator is given an blank die to hold.


The full deck is dealt into six piles, the second spectator is asked to roll the die, the freely selected number given is the pile that will be used (no force).


The other piles are set aside. The chosen pile of six cards is dealt out in a row and the spectator rolls the die again.


Once again a freely selected number is given, the spectator has a choice from which side he counts. The card arrived at is turned over and proves to be the selection!


Unbelievably easy to do, no rough and smooth, no long and short, no magician's choice etc. etc.

 Comes with Red Backed Bicycle Deck & Instructions 


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