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Jaw Droppers Volume 1 - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms
Madhatter Magic

Jaw Droppers Volume 1

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The JawDroppers™ DVDs show each trick performed by Larry, followed by a step-by-step explanation of how you too can amaze your own friends with very little practice. Learn just one JawDropper and make just one impression, and you'll see how much these tapes are really worth!

Larry Anderson says: "With these JawDroppers, you can make an impression that people will remember for years to come. There's no better way than magic to break the ice with business contacts, new friends, or someone special you want to connect with."

21 Off-The-Cuff Stunners Using Everyday Items - 95 Minutes
1. The Ultimate Utility Move
2. A "Snappy" Coin Penetration 
3. Business Card to Dollar Bill
4. Crayon Clairvoyance
5. Electro-Static Toothpicks
6. Twice Fooled
7. Not So Flatware
8. Shape-Shifting Silver
9. Touched By An Angel
10. A Business Sandwich
11. Anti-Gravity Ring
12. Houdini Hanky
13. The "Flighty" Coin 
14. Elimi-notion 
15. Things That Cling
16. Two-Bit Penny Pincher 
17. The Self-Propelled Cigarette 
18. A Coin-venient Shortcut 
19. Phantom Matches 
20. The Floating Dinner Roll
21. ATM (Air To Money)
22. Sweet Money

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