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Looney Fake Labels - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms
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Looney Fake Labels

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These labels fit all standard size 15 oz. cans and 8 different labels come with each package.  Simply wrap the Looney Label around any can, remove the "peel and seal" glue strip, and press the label until its secure. Cousin Skeeters Backwoods Cookin' looks like it came straight from your grocers aisle. So, the next time your husband comes home and demands dinner, pull out a can of Cousin Skeeter's "Mashed Maggots". It just may be the last meal you'll have to cook!
8 different asstored styles inside per package - styles include:  
  • Roadkill Ravioli - You say: "Yummy"
  • Cream of COCKROACH Soap - You then say : "mmm Hissing Good"
  • Coon Hash - Sooo Good you'll slap your momma
  • Possum Stew - Chunky Style
  • Mashed Maggots - You say "Sweet & Succulent."
  • Stewed Fish Eyes - You say "Sweet & Succulent."
  • Pickled Pig Snouts - You say "Sweet & Succulent."
  • Meal Worm Marinara - You say "mmmnnnnnnn

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