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Magic Hanky by Wonder Imagery - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms

Magic Hanky by Wonder Imagery

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Here's a riddle for you. Where does a magician blow his nose? What would you find in a magician's pocket? And what is the nick name of a magician named Harold? If your answer is Fred you missed it. It's a "Magic Hanky" of course. Magician shows his magic hanky, less any nose remnants, to be a cute little silk with the words "magic hanky" printed right on it. He places it in his hand to vanish and declares it's gone! But it can't be. The audience can still see it hanging out of his hand. He opens his hand to show it's almost gone - the handy is now 1/4 it's original size! One more attempt and it really is gone. Now that's cute magic right out of your pocket, pocket hanky that is. Magic from the fertile mind of Warren Stephens.