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Magic You Can Make DVD - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms
Madhatter Magic

Magic You Can Make DVD

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Magic You Can Make with Marty "Martini" Grams DVD

Make your own MAGIC TRICKS!

12 Professional Magic Tricks Explained!! 
  • The Floating Card - A very visual trick.
  • Observation Test - How observant will you be?
  • 7th Inning Stretch - Stretch their imagination with this.
  • No Sleight Card In Envelope - The title says it all!
  • No Gimmick Card Frame - You just have to see this frame.
  • 1 Step Over The Borderline - A super easy to do mental effect.
  • 2001 Card Across - Just about self working.
  • Ring In Tea Bag - A very unique ring flight with no reels.
  • Sands Of Old Egypt - children's magic at its best.
  • No Tug Coin Holder - The best coin holder anywhere.
  • Bill in Bubble Gum - An easy 5 to 10 minutes of fun & magic.
Martini's Magic Day Planner - This is THE TRICK that gets Marty booked over and over, and now he is sharing the secret for the first time with you!

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