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Mystery Card Tricks VHS - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms
Madhatter Magic

Mystery Card Tricks VHS

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Teaches you 16 Amazing Card tricks that you'll perform easily to baffle all your friends!

Here are just SOME of the 16 tricks included on this tape:

This is MY favorite trick with this deck: A freely selected card is shuffled into the deck by your spectator. A borrowed table napkin or handkerchief is placed on the table. You slam the deck on the table and their selected card has penetrated the napkin! They lift it up & it's found underneath. It is the SAME card - can even be marked by the spectator beforehand.


  • Learn how to deal a perfect flush each time!
  • Vanish all the jacks from the deck!
  • Magically cut to the aces every time!
  • Instantly find a chosen card placed in the deck!

    And Much More!

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