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Old Fart Mighty Meds Joke Pills - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms
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Old Fart Mighty Meds Joke Pills

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If you've ever noticed how an old fart seems to linger too long, stinking up the place even though everyone wishes it would just go away already, well these Old Fart Mighty Meds joke pills. That's right, grandpa, I'm publically wondering why you're still alive, and won't just freaking die, already. I'm kidding, obviously (please don't write me out of your will). No, these are not euthanasia pills, or a playful substitute for a pillow-suffocation, they're just like any other old fart gift, there to gently poke at the fragile frame of the newly (or very not-so-newly) elderly. They work as an over the hill gift, or as a, "Thanks for the last 30 years, but I'm trading you in for a younger model, and here we have this lovely parting gift;" for it to be lovely you might want to put a bow on it or something. And our therapist said we couldn't be considerate, or that referring to ourselves in the plural sounded pretentious.

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