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PK Ring - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms
Murphy's Magic

PK Ring

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Wizard FX Productions is proud to launch a new era in Wizard PK Rings.  Invented b Jim Trainer, the WIZARD PK RING is one of the most versatile utility devices in magic today.  The new WIZARD DARK is 100% neodymium rare earth magnet fashioned into a black contemporary finger or thumb ring.

Information on the WIZARD DARK and DVD.

the WIZARD DARK provides a host of unique opportunities to amaze and impress that are limited only by your imagination.  Included with your ring is a full instructional DVD starring David Penn and Craig Petty who demonstrate some amazing effects that you will be able to perform after very little practice. 

CAP IN BOTTLE - David Penn's handling which is acknowledged by leading professionals as the cleanest method available.

PIERCED - A safety pin visually penetrates a playing card.

WATCH STOP - Stop a spectator's own watch at your command

KINETIC CUTLERY -  Move a fork that is balanced on top of a bottle with power

COIN THRU GLASS -   A visual penetration of a glass whilst it is held by a spectator


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