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Rip Apart Triple Change Bag by barry Mitchell - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms

Rip Apart Triple Change Bag by barry Mitchell

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Rip-Apart Triple Change Bag

We have five great reasons you will love our new Rip Apart Change Bag.

  1. It has a strong Velcro strip down each side so it doesn’t open until you want it to.
  2. Plastic strips inside each compartment means it can be used as a spring style change bag as well.
  3. It’s made from a beautiful red, navy, black or green crush velvet that helps hide the size of the load.
  4. An elastic strip is sewn near the bottom of the inside rip open section so silk streamers or throw coils may be easily attached so they don’t fly away when produced.
  5. An additional elastic strip is sewn inside one compartment for easy organization of colored silks.
  6. Your choice of four colors or order all of them.

But wait, there’s one more great feature. There is a compartment on each side of the rip-apart section making it a triple change bag. This change bag is perfect for everyone from Grandma to Santa.

This 12 inch wide by 14 inch deep bag is big enough to switch a basketball for a Buick! Ok, not really. But it will switch all the silks and other items you would ever desire.