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Scotch and Soda Sasco Brand - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms
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Scotch and Soda Sasco Brand

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Scotch and Soda is a well-designed, amazing and powerful magic item that is considered "close-up" magic. Most close-up coin magic requires good manual dexterity and hours and hours of practice. This is not necessary with Scotch and Soda which is why it is relatively expensive. The manufacturers of the trick have done the work for us by finely machining coins that automatically perform the magic. You show the spectator a Mexican coin and a United States Kennedy half-dollar. They put out one hand and you place the coins in their hand and then have them close their hand into a fist. You then direct them to put their hands behind their back and put one of the coins in one hand and one in the other. Then they are directed to bring their hands in front of them while still keeping the coins in their closed fists. They are reqested to open the hand that they believe contains the Mexican coin. They open the hand and it contains a U.S. quarter! When they open the other hand they see the U.S. half-dollar and the Mexican coin has disappeared! You can then reveal the Mexican coin from your pocket or other place. Another trick that can be performed with Scotch and Soda is that you take a clear empty glass (a wine glass is best), you put the U.S. half-dollar and English penny in the glass and slide them to the bottom of the glass. You then take one coin out of the glass showing the U.S. half-dollar - the English penny has disappeared right in front of their eyes! Although this trick is self-working, the trick that uses the U.S. quarter (not provided with the trick) does take a little practice

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