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Slide Vision - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms
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Slide Vision

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Effect:The magician displays two plastic disks, one of which is semi-transparent. He places the disks on the table after showing them on both sides.

He then shows four playing cards, mixes them and asks a spectator to select one at random. For example, the spectator chooses the Five of Clubs.

Putting away the cards, the performer picks up the two disks and rests them on his open hand, the transparent disk covering the solid disk. He asks the spectator to watch the disks carefully as he concentrates on the selected card.

As the spectator stares at the disks in the magician's palm, the magician revolves hos hand. In a very eire fashion, a picture of the selected card slowly fades into view, getting brighter and stronger until it is obvious that it is now printed on the center surface of the solid disk.

The disk with the Five of Clubs on it is left on the table so that those who choose to can examine it.

 Location B3

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