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Staging Magic The Real Secrets Expanded by Charles J Pecor - Titan Magic & Brain Busters Escape Rooms

Staging Magic The Real Secrets Expanded by Charles J Pecor

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Why should you read this book?  In this day and age, especially, when hundreds of texts explain thousands of tricks, expose countless secrets, discuss endless technique, why should you read this book? 

Because this book contains the real secrets of magic. 

These are ancient secrets, to be sure, passed down for centuries in every language  of every nation on every continent of the earth.  Ironically, they are secrets so powerful that the only place they can be safely hidden is in books, in libraries, in plaint sight

Because magic is first and foremost a theatrical craft, its successful performance depends more on acting skill and good theatre practice than on hidden moves and secret devices.   And as all crafts do, magic, too, requires study, practice and thought.  But be assured, your efforts will be rewarded with skill and presence and POWER.

IN this book Dr. Pecor offers to every student of magic a sound, sensible and comprehensive approach to the vast body of knowledge that is theatrical craft.  Reading his words, be aware that it is not only the physical aspects of performance which are being addressed (speech, movement, costumes, props, lights, sound and scenery) but the emotional intellectual and spiritual, too.  As Vernon did with Erdnase, read here between the lines and find a lifetime of work and inspiration.

Whether you aspire to greatness as a magician or simply enjoy seeing magic performed by others, reading and comprehending this book will enhance your experience, sharpen your ryr and broaden your appreciation.  you will be reminded that all of us are equally responsible for being the most informed, educated and demanding audience for magic that we can possibly be.

Staging Magic: The Real Secrets may be the most simple, direct and practical guide to theatrical technique for magicians yet published.